What Are My Options for Boat Storage?

Published on 8/4/2022

boat storage facility

Where will you store your boat at the end of the season? That's a question that many boat owners ask themselves as the summer winds down. According to Statista, there are 15 million boats in private use in the United States. Many of those boaters depend on a boat storage facility like VIP Storage to keep their boats safe during the off-season. In this article, we'll examine some of the other options for boat storage and explain why they're not as safe or effective as a professional storage service like ours.

Keeping It Covered Up in the Driveway

Some boat owners decide to keep their boat nearby by storing it in the driveway. They cover it and park it for the off-season. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to this storage method. For starters, a cover is great, but it doesn't protect the boat from dampness, freezing temperatures, and other weather elements.

In some cases, the cover is worse for the boat. Covering your boat can trap moisture within the boat and damage upholstery and other parts of the boat. That's not the only issue with parking the boat in the driveway. When your boat is parked outdoors, rodents and other pests can also easily get inside and make themselves at home. This could cost you lots of money in damages.

Building a Boat Storage Facility on Your Property

If you own a boat, you undoubtedly love it. But do you love it enough to invest roughly $15,000 to protect it? Some owners do. They choose to build their own special storage facility on their own property to keep their boat protected during the off-season. It's a nice thought, but the fact is that you need the space, the permits, and the money to manage this option. This is not a reality for most folks.

Enlisting the Services of Professional Boat Storage

You can avoid a lot of hassles and headaches by using a boat storage facility instead of the aforementioned options. VIP Storage is proud to provide these services to keep your boat safe and secure.

Your boat is an investment. A boat storage facility like ours can help you protect it. This worry-free storage method is very affordable and gives you optimal peace of mind. Contact VIP Storage today to start exploring your options.